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Barbara was born in Portsmouth Virginia and lived in SE Virginia and eastern NC until moving to Brevard, NC in 1991. She studied art history and studio art at the College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University in Virginia. Her first experience with working on computers was in 1984 when a company she worked for brought in computers for bookkeeping.

She began working with web design in 1998, and was initially mentored and taught html by a retired IBM executive, who also introduced her to Microsoft Front Page. She worked with her mentor on developing and eventually purchased the domain. At this point she began designing websites for local businesses and designing banner ads. was very popular and enjoyed phenomenal traffic for the time. Visitors to the site often thought the site belonged to the chamber of commerce.

Barbara’s first official web business, Brevard Online, began in 1999. She provided web design, Internet advertising and print brochures for local businesses. She hosted local business websites on, until passing ownership of the domain to another company.

She started InSight Web Design and Photography in 2006, with a new vision and purpose. She has also brought her passion for photography into the business by creating visual tours of homes for interior designers and real estate agents. Recently, she has expanded to provide domain and hosting services through

When not working on business projects, Barbara is busy enjoying activities with her church, including taking four mission trips to India and SE Asia. She enjoys photography, and hiking on the mountain trails. On rainy days, she enjoys reading, playing piano and learning guitar. She is never far from her computers (2 macs and a pc), and often plays with Photoshop just for fun.

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